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Born in Cusco, Peru, Alan Chimpen Olarte started playing music at the age of 4 on a traditional percussion instrument called cajón. Son of singer Rosita Olarte, he soon learns other Latin percussion instruments such as timbales (his main instrument today), tumbadora, bongo, as well as drums and minor percussions. At 10 he moved to Lima, the capital, and joined his first group Euforia, a well known local group specialized in Peruvian Cumbia with which he made his debut in the professional music scene. At 13 he joined two orchestras, La Progresiva Del Callao and La Joven Sensación, where he learned the Afro Peruvian percussion tradition. Later he started playing other instruments, such as piano and bass. Since his arrival in Paris in 2004, he has worked with some of the most relevant figures in the French music scene, such as Olivia Ruiz, Ernesto Tito Puentes, Abdel Malik, Antonio Rivas, I Muvrini, Coco y La Primera, Calle Esperanza, Tin del Batey, Guarachando, La Trinidad, Azuquita, Acapulco Gold, Lawrence Hounsavi, Tato Marenco, Herman Olivera, Tamayo Orquesta, La Primera Edición, Les Enfants du Jazz, Stéphane Kochayan, Perú Andino, Sexto Sentido, Vanny Jordan, Les Trois Mailletz and the Trío Ciguaraya, among others. Alan Chimpen Olarte today masters the timbales, the drums, the piano and the

bass with various groups in France. 

Biographie Alan Chimpen

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